Welcome to SISTER

Hi there!

Welcome to SISTER | blogs for you.

As the name of the blog probably gives it away… I’m here to be your sister!

Kind of like how sororities of bigs and littles (if you get the college reference), I am like your big, or older sister (in this case).

I am here to advise, guide, and mentor you with whatever you need!

A little background,

In all my friend groups, I am considered to be the ‘mom’ of the group, always looking out and making sure everyone is okay.

As you can see, that gives off major helicopter mom vibes; overprotective and boring, right?

That’s why I’d much rather be called a sister.


Because sisters are just cooler.

I am your peer, your older or younger sister. Here to help you out with life’s crazy adventures.

Now, here’s a little about myself:

–  I am just another college student who decided to start blogging their experiences… because why not?

– I wanted to start this blog because I felt as if I had so much guidance to offer to those who may not have someone.

– I, myself, am actually an older sister… to a family of boys, though!

– Also, I’m a Gemini! AKA the best zodiac sign in my opinion. Take that with a grain of salt, if you will.

Since I am an older sister myself, I didn’t really have someone to go to for advice as I went through school and had my first-time experiences.

My hope is to be that sister to you, to be that person who advises you on the truths of school, boys, and life in the real world.

This blog will include:

  • Advice
  • How To’s
  • Tips
  • Personal Care (hair, skin, self)
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • My Stories/Experiences

And, whatever YOU (the readers) want!

You guys will be able to send in questions or topics you want me to talk about in the CONTACT tab.

This blog is for you! I want this blog to be able to guide you and show you everything life has to offer.

I know I didn’t have access to guidance like this, so I hope this blog gives you the chance.

You can expect my schedule for posts to be about once a week, who knows, that may change in the future.

(If we get popular!)

In the meantime, feel free to join the mail list, comment on, and share this blog!

Who knows, this blog could always help someone.